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Tours Los Cabos is a tourism agency with 9 years of experience (as of 2023), specializing in tours and activities in Los Cabos, La Paz, and Todos Santos in BCS.

Our main offering, online reservation services, caters to Spanish, English, and Russian-speaking tourists.  Inspired by the need to personalize experiences, we started as a local initiative in Los Cabos, evolving through challenges like Hurricane Odile.

Tours Los Cabos is known for its reliability, offering affordable prices and prompt service across multiple platforms, including social media.

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🌎 Our Site: https://www.toursloscabos.com/

📞 WhatsApp/Telegram in Los Cabos: +52 624 165 8690

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🎉 Facebook: www.facebook.com/toursloscaboscom

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We have a simple website for bookings with special rates, easy payments, and local experience. Additionally, we have plans for future expansion and diversification.

Our reservation process is straightforward, as booking is done in the same window, and we offer accessible payment methods using secure platforms, tailored to each country in their language and currency.

We have several years of experience working with Russian tourism and have connections with agencies in Russia and repeat clients. We’re also one of the few pages offering this service in Russian language.

We have various customer service agents, all trained to assist customers. We use WhatsApp with multiple agents simultaneously, as well as chat, and each one manages a social network.

We have agreements with tour operators and collaborators who speak different languages. We are creating more content like informative videos not available in the market and increasing the number of tours offered in Los Cabos.

Now, we are a team of motivated agents doing everything possible to offer the best tours at the best prices to our clients.

What makes us different from others?

Well, we hope you can help us continue building our reputation as the company that’s always attentive to your needs.

We verify your bookings before the activity to ensure everything is alright, respond when needed, and if your activity changes unexpectedly, we try to notify you as soon as we know.

Our goal is to provide the best guest service. We want you to come back to us every time you visit Los Cabos, and we love your recommendations.

If you’re planning to visit Los Cabos, we’re your best option as we work with all the tourism companies in Los Cabos, offering the best tour prices. We are your solution for planning your activities in Los Cabos.

Tours Los Cabos always offers you the best tours and activities in the area at a reasonable price, don’t miss out!

TOURS LOS CABOS Brand – Registered Trademark

Tours Los Cabos, a brand that reflects the essence of Los Cabos, communicates with unmatched authenticity, building trust through clear and honest language.

Expert experience is intertwined with personalized and rapid attention, showing empathy towards each client’s individual needs.

The tone reflects the excellent price-quality relationship of the tours, emphasizing the safety and trust inherent in the brand. Tours Los Cabos adapts its communication to create familiarity and adaptability, appealing to families and diverse travelers.

For those seeking exclusive experiences, we highlight privacy and personalized attention.

The brand prides itself on high responsibility and ethical commitment, ensuring a reliable experience.

Accessible language, with a touch of good humor, connects easily, while highlighting the importance of planning with an exciting touch to attract both explorers and adventurers.

Tours Los Cabos, where every word conveys the essence of a registered and trustworthy company.

Tours Los Cabos always offer to you the best tours and activities in the area for a reasonable price, Don´t miss it!

+ 100 Activities in Los Cabos

We are specialized in offering spectacular tours in Cabo San Lucas, San José del Cabo, Todos Santos, La Paz and other attractive towns around us.  We have tours in every town of our beautiful place, every day we have more tours to offer.

+We offer the best guest service you can get.

Once we decided to open our agency to offer all tours and activities in Cabo, we are totally focused on giving an outstanding guest service.  Honesty and integrity are our main values and as a result of that we need to ensure you total satisfaction.

Our Schedule

Do you need to contact us?, we have the online chat Monday to Friday from 8:00 am – 7:00 pm, Saturday and Sunday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Our emails: info@toursloscabos.com and infotoursloscabos@gmail.com

Call us or WhatsApp us: +52 (624) 165 8690, Office telephone number: +52 (624) 120 5484 Monday to Friday from 8:00 am – 7:00 pm, Saturday and Sunday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

3 different available languages

Our tours are done in English and Spanish but we also have Russian private tours available or also we have Russian guides-translator to help us enjoy better the activity.

High standards of quality in service

Tours Los Cabos as an intermediary Company, we work together with all our tours operators and we need to be sure your experience is fully satisfied, that is why we always looks for the best options, and we work with all the operators who have the highest guest service levels.

Our Dream

This dream started thanks to the passion we have for our beautiful land, as well as the desire to show the world the natural beauties that our beautiful state has. This prompted us to create Tours Los Cabos, a site where you will find a great variety of tourist attractions.

We are focusing on being a leader Company for our guests.

This is the main reason we have returning guests year after year, for being a leader in guest service and attention. In our company you will find responsibility, compromise, satisfaction, respect, and love for what we do.

Spend great vacations in Los Cabos

We truly hope the previous information gets to be useful and you can find in our company all that you are looking to plan your tours and activities in your next vacations to Los Cabos.


We invite you to write or contact us by phone/Whatsapp +52 (624) 165 86 90  in case you need additional information or if you want to make your reservations.

Thanks for thinking about us!


Opinions of our clients about us.

Omar Mazas

“Beautiful place that reminds you of strolling through a small town. We went on the ‘Explore Los Cabos’ tour and loved it. San Lucas has many shops and restaurants. We really liked the main square in San Jose del Cabo. Very clean, peaceful, and the people are friendly and warm. It’s a wonderful place.”

Byanca Mayoral

“I had the chance to go on the camel ride by the sea, and it was amazing. The tour included food, and I was pleasantly surprised because it was very tasty, which is not common in these types of places. The camels were friendly and clean, everything was very safe, and our guide was incredibly pleasant.”

Miguel Orozco

“Excellent ATV Tour! If you go to Los Cabos, it’s definitely a must-do. It’s such an exciting and adrenaline-filled activity, with dunes, desert on one side, and the stunning Pacific Ocean on the other. It’s truly unforgettable.”

Erik Ortega

“An excellent tour for families. The ‘Sunrider’ boat offers excellent service, great drinks, and food onboard. Highly recommended for those who want to enjoy a beautiful outing!”


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