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We have prepared for you a small list-guide of things to do in Cabo with kids.  If you have kids you know the real meaning of planning vacations, most of the activities are planned for adults or kids older than 11 and it is hard to find family activities including our little ones. We know that, and we hope this guide can help you to plan your Cabo family vacations.

Cabo Family Activities

List of activities you should do In Los Cabos with kids.

Just as most of touristic destinations, Cabo is not the exception, it is hard to know what activities the whole family can participate, this is the reason we did this list of suggestions to plan family activities in Cabo San Lucas and all Cabo area.

Traveling with the family having little kids or babies its truly complicated finding activities than are planned or adapted for young kids, but of course it doesn´t mean they don´t exist.

Children´s Activities

Usually most of the hotels have a kids club with people in charge of keeping your kids motivated for hours with manual activities, games and lots of fun.

Also, most of the hotels have spaces dedicated for kids like pools and game areas (Check with your hotel the available options for kids)

But, if you are looking for kids’ activities outside of your hotel, you´ll be surprised of how many things to do in Cabo san Lucas with kids exist.

  1. Pirate Ship Snorkel or Pirate show. (For all ages)
  2. Cabo Submarine tour (For all ages)
  3. Dolphins interaction experiences in Cabo San Lucas or San Jose del Cabo (From 1 year old on)
  4. Clear boat Cabo San Lucas to the Arch and Lovers Beach (For all ages)
  5. Los Cabos Beach tour (from 5 years on)
  6. Razor Adventure Tour for kids driving (from 7 years on)
  7. Aqua Park day in Los Cabos (For all ages)
  8. City Tours in Baja California Sur (for all ages)


1. Pirate Ship Snorkel or Pirate show. (For all ages)

things to do in cabo with kids

Pirate ship snorkel breakfast, Pirate ship snorkel lunch or Sunset Pirate Show are some of the most demanded tours for families and it leads the list of things to do in Cabo with kids, all parents love this tour because kids love it and the parents and families are very happy as the activity is prepared for anyone.

In this activity (any of the 3 choices) you are going to board the ship and the animation staff will immediately transform the environment into a real pirate atmosphere, so, you´ll fell like in the XVII century.

Once we start our tour you´ll stop by the Arch of Cabo San Lucas and admire the rock formations of the area.

Snorkeling in Santa Maria beach or Chileno beach

If your choice is snorkeling in the pirate ship you´ll travel all the way to Santa Maria or chileno Beach (Depending on the weather conditions)

Both of these beaches are truly beautiful, you´ll admire the big contrast of the desert with the sea and you will enjoy the beautiful sea of Los Cabos getting in the water for some snorkeling or just have fun in the water. The sea life in Cabo is awesome.

Pirate Show

If your choice is the Sunset Pirate Show then your adventure will start by the Marina of Cabo San Lucas where you´ll depart and you´ll stop by the Arch of Cabo San Lucas and admire the rock formations of the area and you will see the Sea Lion colony that inhabits the area.

After that the ship will try to take you all the way to the Pacific Ocean so you can admire the incredible Sunset.

Of course, the most important thing is the Pirate Show, the animation crew create this mystic atmosphere of being expecting the arrival of the pirates.

Kids totally love the show, there are some many items like all those pirates, swords, rifles, treasures and the choreography they present to us is truly fascinating.

Don´t miss the things for kids to do in Cabo, specially this tour. We are sure the kids will totally love it.


2. Cabo Submarine tour (For all ages)

activities you should in Cabo

If your little ones love the sea and the animals but, still doesn´t know how to swim, this choice is for you, this tour will take us to know the Arch of Cabo San Lucas in a beautiful submarine.

In this submarine you get to know the Arch, the Sea Lion colony and the rock formations of the area and of course you can take a nice picture with our iconic Arch.

Right after visiting the arch you will get down to the underwater area to admire the vast sea life of the place.  Kids love to see all those fishes around the submarine and also sometimes you can see a sea lion passing by.

There are always things to do in Cabo with kids, this option is recommendable for babies until 6-7 years old.


3. Dolphins interaction experiences in Cabo San Lucas or San Jose del Cabo (From 1 year old on)

cabo family activities photo

There are a lot of good activities to do in Los Cabos but, being able of interacting with dolphins is an experience that changes the way we see the world around us, because dolphins are extremely smart animals, the have a great charisma and they are super careful when interacting with us.

Few activities can be done for the whole family and of course interacting with dolphins is one of them.

Because the program is mostly developed in a platform around 2 feet deep, it is very easy for any member of the family to do this activity., from 1-year old baby to a senior person.

Different programs for all ages

Dolphins Kids

There is this activity in which only kids can participate, it is a program inspired for the kids where they can interact directly with a dolphin, and this program is prepared for the kids to have so much fun with the dolphins, looking jumps, making a dolphin sing for them, ride the dolphins and seeing how fast they can swim and playing a water fight.  Only the kids and the dolphin, being helped for a specialized trainer making sure the kids have so much fun all the time, also you are going to be very close so you are able to help and encourage your kids to participate I this activity by their own.

Dolphin Encounter in Los Cabos

The option of Dolphin Encounter is recommendable for the entire family, it is not a long activity and babies 1-year or senior people can participate together.

You can kiss the dolphin, hug them, dance with the dolphin and the activity is educational, we all are going to learn something new about dolphins.

Dolphin Experience in Los Cabos

If you are looking for a little more interaction and more activities to do with dolphins then, this is the right choice for you.

In this activity you are doing all the interactions that are included in the Dolphin Encounter and, also you will get to take a belly ride with the dolphin just as you always have imagined.

This activity is a little longer than the Encounter and you are doing more interaction with the dolphins as you are getting in the deeper area, you can hug a dolphin in the water!

Dolphins Swim in Los Cabos

Now, if you are adventurous, you should do this activity, this is done mostly in the deep area.

I this activity we are spending longer in the deep area, we are doing some free time in the water while the dolphin swims around us and we can touch them and feel how big they are and you can also caress them.

In this option you can try riding the dolphin UNDERWATER! this is really fascinating because you are taken 15 feet down underwater beside a dolphin, you can understand how it feels being a dolphin.


4. Clear Boat Cabo San Lucas to the Arch and Lovers beach- another things to do in Cabo with kids

Children´s Activities on the beach in Cabo

If you want to visit the Arch of Los Cabos and your budget is reduced you can try this totally transparent boat, the kids love this activity.

This transparent boat you´ll find it only in Los Cabos and it is very interesting specially for kids because you will admire the sea life of the area and you don´t need to get in the water if you don´t want to.

If the weather allows it we can get down in the water and become one more fish in the water ?.

What are we going to see in the transparent boat?

In this tour they will take you to the Rock formation area by the land´s end, we can take a picture in the famous Arch of Los Cabos, the guide will give us some information of the place and we can admire the rock formations, you can see the sea lion colony of the place, the Lovers beach, the Divorce beach and much more.

At the end of the activity we can spend some time enjoying in one of the available beaches of the place and after they pick us up to get back, just ask the guide the time to come back and they will tell you.

Enjoy this transparent boat that only in Los Cabos you will find it.  We are totally sure the kids will love it more than anybody else.


5. Los Cabos Beach Tour (from 5 years on)

los cabos with kids photo

One of the thing kids love to do is spending time in the water, they always love going to the beach, if your hotel doesn´t have easy access to the beach or you can´t get in the water because is very rough, or simply you want to have a beach day and not being worry of bringing the shade, the cooler, and all that stuff, then this choice is for you.

For this activity you only need to be prepared to hop in the water, pack your towel, prepare a cloth change, bring you waterproof camera and that´s it, let’s get to the beach.

It´s beach day and you know it!!!

Fast Boat to get to the beach

In this tour we will go for you to your hotel and then, take you to the Marina of San Lucas where your tour is going to start boarding a fast boat (Zodiac type), these boats are ready to travel at a high speed in the sea.

Enjoy your time in Santa Maria beach

The sea in Los Cabos is not rough and by Santa Maria Bay beach the water is usually very calm, so we can jump in the water and we also can admire the beauty of the place. Its golden sand, the 2 hills that surround it and form a bay makes an impressive view of this beach.

Right here we are doing some snorkeling and play a little in the water.

Admire the beauty of Chileno beach

Our next stop is going to be this Blue Flag certified beach “Chileno Beach”, this beach is fascinating, don´t miss it.

We also are doing some snorkeling in here, see the marine life and, in this beach we are going to enjoy the sand as we are having a light lunch with some fresh drinks by the beach.

You are going to have everything prepared in the beach so you just relax and enjoy yourself and your kids.

The Arch by the Land´s end

In our way back to the marina of San Lucas we are going to stop by the Arch of Cabo, you can´t miss the picture in this famous rock formation.  We are passing beside famous beaches of Cabo; we also are seeing the sea lion colony of Cabo and then get back to your hotel.


6. Razor Adventure Tour for kids driving (from 7 years on)

Razor tour for Kids

YES! just as you are reading, in Cabo we have a tour where kids can participate driving a Razor Polaris.  To participate in this activity the kids must be 7-years old minimum, if you want a kid driving the vehicle the driver must be 10-years old.

In this super fun adventure by the beach and desert, the kids can participate actively.

These vehicles are, of course, regulated for a limit speed, so, you can be more relaxed knowing that the activity is being monitored and supervised by the guides and you as an adult can be in the vehicle as well.

Totally a familiar activity

If you, as a parent want to be beside your kids you can do it, or you can have a different razor and drive each one in its own razor.  The most important thing is making all the family to participate in this incredible adventure.

The activity includes round transportation from your hotel, water and all the required equipment so you can enjoy 2 hours of activity.

Who says there is no things to do in Cabo with kids?


7. Aqua Park day in Los Cabos (For all ages)

Aqua Park day in Cabo

We all know that, if kids love something, this is definitely play in the water, and Cabo, as a tourist destination has different choices for you.

Most of the hotels have pools for kids, but not all of them have water slides and water games.

In Cabo, in the hottest months we reach almost 110 °F, this is from July to October, thereby considering a water park is an excellent idea.

Wild Wet Fun Water Park

As I told you before we have couple options to enjoy a water park and the best one is in a town around 20 minutes away from San Jose del Cabo, the place´s name is Wild Wet Fun and it is located in the town of Caduaño.

This place is very fun with slides, children´s area, and even a Pirate ship in the middle of a large pool.  There is also a small restaurant with snacks and drinks for kids and adults.

This is definitely a good choice if you want to fell refreshed and spend an unparalleled family day.

Wagoona Splash Island

Wagoona Splash Island

This other option you´ll find it in the middle of a Canyon close to Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, its name is Wagoona Splash Island, in this place you will also have access to a small zoo with petting animals, the kids love this place.

Contact us for further information.


8. City Tours in Baja California Sur (for all ages)-What to do in Cabo with kids!

List of things to do in cabo with kids

Now, if you are looking for a family day and also you are interested in knowing a little more of this destination, you can take a look at the City Tours that we have available for you.

In all the City Tours kids can participate, for example you can take a tour to Balandra beach or La Paz, you can get to know more this destination.

There are options in Cabo and La Paz, you can know Playa Balandra or take the old road to La Paz and know some hidden towns with lots of history.

Have you ever heard the song Hotel California??, well, there is a hotel California in Todos Santos, where the legend says the song was inspired in this hotel.

Also, Bon Jovi took the main photo of their album These Days in San Antonio (a mining town close to La Paz)

Baja California Sur has lots of thing to offer, and the kids are going to fell in love of the place not only because we have beautiful beaches but also because we have different activities prepared and thought in kids.

Tours Los Cabos always offer to you the best tours and activities in the area for a reasonable price, Don´t miss it! Los Cabos is also for kids.

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