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We created this list of the Top ten things to do in Cabo San Lucas, of course this is only our personal recommendation, but we believe you should read it, maybe it can be a good guide to find good things to do in Cabo San Lucas.  If you have any different opinion or option please let us know it so we can modify it.

Top ten and Best things to do in Cabo see below:

1.Visit the Famous Arch of Cabo San Lucas

Top ten things to do in cabo san lucas

best things to do in cabos

Definitely this is the most important of the Top ten things to do in Cabo.

You should not miss it if you come to Los Cabos, it is as if you are traveling to Paris and you do not visit the Eiffel Tower, each person who visits us in Los Cabos cannot miss taking a photo next to the majestic Arch. And once you are there you can see a small colony of sea lions that lives in that area.

There are many ways to get to know the arch, from: taking a small panga in the marina that will take you to the arch and leave you on the beach of love, to, take a boat with drinks and party or maybe taking a private yacht, sailing boat, etc.

Please respect the local marine fauna and do not feed the local animals, some sea lions are changing their natural habits because they are being fed by the visitors and they are changing their natural area to inhabit to be in the marina where humans feed them.

2. Spend a day at one of our certified beaches in Los Cabos

cabo beach photo

certified beaches of Los Cabos

The certified beaches of Los Cabos are so beautiful that you should not miss visiting them.

You can go to Santa Maria, which is the most beautiful place in my opinion and has a parking lot, bathrooms, showers, lifeguard, palapas, etc.

One more of the things to do in Cabo Maybe visiting Chileno which is also certified and is very large and the best place to snorkel since there are many boats to take their guests to snorkel, right in there you will find someone who can rent snorkeling equipment for you.

Another very beautiful beach that has just been renovated and improved is Playa Palmilla, in San José del Cabo area. The place is very nice and it is a little more for local people and they sell some things to eat and many local people have a good atmosphere.

There are also some beaches that are not certified because it is not easy to acces, as you have to go by boat but they are super beautiful like Lovers beach and divorce beach just beside The Arch of San Lucas.

There is also beautiful beaches but not exactly in San Lucas but really beautifil.   There is this amazing beach in La Paz known as the most beautiful beach of Mexico “Balandra Beach“, it is around 2 1/2 hours away from Cabo but it is totally worth it to take a day to visit Balandra Beach as well as La Paz city.

3. Party night life in San Lucas

night life in Cabo San Lucas Photo

Squid Roe Bar Cabo, night life

If you come to Los Cabos you can´t miss going to the “antro” (in Mexico that is what discotheque or nightclubs are called) in San Lucas.

This area has the best atmosphere, you can start the night visiting a small bar like the Tanga Tanga, Tipsy bar, Cabo Blue, Jungle bar, Happy Ending and then you can pass Rockstone, Saloon, Harbard.

And to finish the night there are several options such as the Pink Kitty, the Vaquita the Mandala and the one that you cannot miss visiting is the Squid Roe.

Remember that we have a Super choice for you that mixes the ocean and the club, this is our Night tour that starts in a Party Catamaran for 2 hours open bar included and after that, we have included in the tour 2 more hours open bar in the club “Squid Roe”.  Nobody else can offer open bar in this club, totally unique.

There are many options to try and have a few flirty drinks, so, remember to have a designated driver or travel in Taxi and, Salud!!!!!

4.Visit the center of San José del Cabo

San José del Cabo Town photo

San José del Cabo Town Mexico

The historic center of San José del Cabo has a very traditional beauty and gives you a very small-town atmosphere.

With its church next to the Plaza Antonio Mijares and the restaurants around, the shops to buy, the art galleries, you can´t miss it.

San José del Cabo is very different from Cabo San Lucas because it does not have as much tourism as San Lucas and is truly beautiful and clean.

You can go to buy jewelry, crafts or pieces of art with no haste, and, on Tuesdays you cannot miss it as there is the Art and Walk where several galleries open until late and offer you wine and there are places with tequila tasting and the galleries show the impressive pieces of art they have.

Take one day at least to visit downtown San José del Cabo.

5. Mango Deck Los Cabos

mango deck cabo san lucas

the mango deck cabo bar restaurant

The well-known beach club every day becomes a place to spend the day with its many contests throughout the day.

The food that in there is delicious, and you can get from low-fat food, good cuts of meat, typical Mexican food and also some fresh seafood.

You can spend many hours of fun with good food located right on the main beach of Cabo San Lucas and with a good bar service, by the afternoon a Rock group starts playing or sometimes a music group plays to dance, in all the different places we have ever being we never met a beach club with this concept.

This place takes the fifth position in the list of Top ten things to do in Cabo

6. Go to Todos Santos

Todos Santos Magic Town Photo

Todos Santos Magic Town Tour Mexico

If you are already in Los Cabos you can take a tour to Todos Santos, it is a magical town that has a lot to offer, and there are art galleries and good food.

There is this famous “Hotel California” (The legend says that Eagles got inspired to write the song “Hotel California” in this hotel). Do not forget to eat the artisanal Ice cream of this place.

Todos Santos is an hour far from Cabo San Lucas driving at a regular speed because the highway is 4 lanes and there is no traffic.

You can go day or night, although everything ends very early in the town there is movement until about 9 at night, you can arrive in the afternoon to eat something and then go out to know the place.

Todos Santos is an area that has great projection in the near future because it is an Oasis in the area, the vegetation here is very different from the rest of the peninsula, a lot of retired Canadians or Americans live here because of its beauty and calmness.

7. Adrenaline activities

Adrenaline activities Cabo Photo

Activities in Los Cabos

Since you are in Los Cabos there are many options to take some of the adrenaline activities.

From an ATV tour by the beach and within the semi-desert area. The truth is that these tours are very exciting and full of adrenaline, you will return home full of dirt and with a great experience lived.

If you want even more adrenaline you can take a tour in Polaris RZRs that go at full speed through the area that maybe you will be be suspended in the air for a few moments.

There are also activities in the mountains such as zip lines, rappelling, pendulum, bungee jumping, we dare to do any of the adrenaline activities that are here in Los Cabos.

8. Water activities

Water Tours in Cabo

What to do in Cabo San Lucas

In the ocean, life is tastier (Mexican song) and it is totally true, since you came to Los Cabos to enjoy the beauties of the place, take some time to do water activities.

There is an vast variety of water activities such as Swimming with dolphins, Diving in many different places from beginners to the most advanced, get on the parachute, go to the Arch of Cabo San Lucas on a jet ski, take a sailboat ride and go snorkeling on the different beaches where the activity boats take you.

You can go sailing in a private sailboat, or party on one of the different boats that include food and drinks, the sea of ​​Los Cabos is so deep in color that mesmerizes you, you cannot leave Los Cabos without enjoying the activities that you can do in this paradise.

9.Whale watching, swimming with Whale Shark or snorkeling with Sea Lions.

Top ten things to do in cabo

Whale watching Tour in Cabo San Lucas

There are some things that are typical of an area such as the great canyon in Colorado that you cannot have it anywhere.

These activities can be done here and in just a few different places around the world.

Here in Los Cabos we have the Whale Watching season from December to April, 5 months to observe these impressive animals, seeing a whale jump is an experience that cannot be described in words.

Going to La Paz to swim with a whale shark is unmatched or, going to the Espiritu Santo island which is a natural reserved island protected by Unesco.

Where there is a huge colony of Californian sea lions and, you can go snorkeling with them, this creatures are endemic to the area.  Visiting Espiritu Santo island is really beautiful.

Enjoy the activities that only in Los Cabos area you can experience!

10. Go out for a sunset view.

sunset tour cabo

sunset views in Los Cabos

Last but not least of the list of Top ten things to do in Cabo let´s check it.

Whenever we imagine the beach, we always imagine a beautiful sunset by the beach, well, stop imagining it and take advantage of your time in Los Cabos to take some tours that take you for a sunset watching which is an impressive view, the colors that the sky paints for you, the beautiful photos you can take and the tranquility that makes you feel appreciating that beauty of sunset will leave you with an excellent taste in your mouth.

We are sure that after this experience you will not want to return.  To go see the sunset you can do it in many ways.

The sun goes down on the Pacific Ocean side, if you are staying at a hotel on the Pacific Ocean side you will be able to appreciate this show every day, if you are on the Sea of ​​Cortes side you can go to a restaurant with a beautiful view or take a specialized tour in order to fully enjoy this experience.

These are just some of the recommendations that we personally believe are the ones you cannot miss doing, but in Los Cabos there is always something to do, come, meet and enjoy the beauty that only Los Cabos can offer you.

Remember that Tours Los Cabos always offer to you the best tours and activities in the area for a reasonable price, Don´t miss it!

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