Trainer For a Day

TRAINER FOR A DAY DescriptionIncludedNot includedAdditional Info.PolicyDescriptionFeel the incredible experience of being a Dolphin Trainer for a Day in Cabo San Lucas, you will get to know everything necessary to be able to train these beautiful and smart dolphins, jump in the water, play with them and get to know and understand what is behind [...]

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Dolphin Encounter San Lucas

Dolphin Encounter in Los Cabos

DOLPHIN ENCOUNTER IN LOS CABOS DescriptionIncludedNot includedAdditional Info.PolicyDescriptionWith this program you can enter to the world of dolphins, learn a little more about them in a real interaction with these beautiful creatures. If you have children you can do the program together and dance with them, give them kisses, hug them, and you can even [...]

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Dolphins for kids in san lucas

Dolphin experience in Los Cabos

DOLPHIN EXPERIENCE IN LOS CABOS DescriptionIncludedNot includedAdditional Info.PolicyDescriptionIf you want to have an amazing experience with dolphins were also a beautiful dolphin gives you a ride, this is the program for you. Give him kisses, dancing with the dolphin, hug him, feed him and enjoy watching them jump and doing amazing water activities. The  Dolphin [...]

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Dolphin Kiss

Dolphin Swim in Los Cabos

DOLPHIN SWIM IN LOS CABOS DescriptionIncludedNot includedAdditional Info.PolicyDescriptionIf you ever had the dream of swimming with dolphins, now in Los Cabos you have that opportunity, touch them, feed them, swim with them and also you can swim under water with them in super clear water, nonpareil. Yes, now you have the opportunity to be side [...]

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Dolphin with kids san lucas

Dolphin Kids in Los Cabos

DOLPHIN KIDS IN LOS CABOS DescriptionIncludedNot includedAdditional Info.PolicyDescriptionProgram specifically designed for kids from 4 to 9 years, they can perform this activity without the need to be accompanied by an adult, meanwhile when being with the dolphin the kids will be able to pet, feed, kiss, water fight and take a ride on his belly. [...]

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