Playa Balandra foto

Tour La Paz México Balandra Beach

jQuery(document).ready(function($){ $('aside.col-md-4').prepend('Book online now!'); }); DescriptionIncludedNo includedAdditional InfoPolicyDescriptionBalandra Beach y Coromuel Beach-La Paz Balandra Beach We are going to be about one hour in the very famous beach Balandra known as one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico, you will have enough time to take some pictures right by the Balandra Mushroom, take a [...]

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Espíritu Santo Island

ESPÍRITU SANTO ISLAND Description IncludedNo includedAdditional info.PolicyDescription Considered the most beautiful island of the “Sea of Cortez”, “Espiritu Santo Island” is a true gem, rich in beautiful turquoise bays, marine life and pristine nature. This UNESCO protected natural park is a home to a colony of more than 300 sea lions, and numerous endemic species. [...]

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Explore Los Cabos

La Paz City Tour

LA PAZ CITY TOUR DescriptionIncludedNot includedAdditional Info.PolicyDescriptionLa Paz invites you to explore this beautiful surroundings. jQuery(function($){ $(document).ready(function(){ if( typeof jQuery("#typed-12371940275d0b8eae69190").typed == "function"){ $("#typed-12371940275d0b8eae69190").typed({ strings: [""], typeSpeed: 35, backSpeed: 0, startDelay: 200, backDelay: 1500, loop: true, loopCount: false, showCursor: true, cursorChar: "|", attr: null }); } }); }); Experience this amazing tour, just east of Los [...]

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